Friendship is one of the most beautiful bonds in the world. It does not care about race, religion, language, or any restrictions in modern society. 

In this article, we bring you a lovely story about true friendship. 

A cat befriended another lost cat and even managed to provide a family for his homeless friend. Let’s look for the inside titbits of this heartwarming story. It all started with a morning walk. One day the cat Gilbert went out for a walk with his dad. While they were happily walking side by side, Gilbert came upon a lost kitten in the bushes near the sidewalk.

Stopping their walk midway, they waited for the kitten’s mother to come and take her kid, but no one showed up. So, Gilbert and his dad decided to take the lost kitten home, naming her Nala. As an affectionate older brother, Gilbert warmly welcomed Nala to the house, treated the lost kitten with patience, and loved ones showed their siblings.

Coming home, Nala met Gilbert’s sister Nelly. Nelly is not Gilbert’s blood-related sister. They are from separate mothers, but they consider themselves sister and brother. At first, Nelly was not happy about the new addition to her family. As a demanding cat, the older sister immediately did not like Nala. But the kitten who suddenly got a loving family did not give up on being friends with her sister. With their older brother as a mediator, Nala and Nelly slowly mended their relationship. In the end, after many days passed, Nala and Nelly became best friends and best sisters that love each other.

For Gilbert and Nelly, Nala is not just a friend but a family member, a sister that got lost and miraculously found. The trio now lives happily in their home in Copenhagen, Denmark. They play, eat, and lay around together while enjoying each other’s company. You can see their adorable pictures below and enjoy the love they show for each other.

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