Who is the king of the jungle?
Undoubtedly your answer would be the lion. These fearsome creatures of the cat family are both majestic and powerful.
In their territories, there is no other animal that can match lions in strength or power.
That is what we think!
But surprisingly, an entire pride of lions became victims and had to scamper up in a tree.
It must be a worthy foe that led 15 lions to climb up in a tree, right?

Turns out, it was not a herd of some ferocious wildebeests that made them face such a humiliating situation. The culprit that actioned this drama was, in fact, just a pesky swarm of flies.

This incredible moment was captured by Aussie photographer Bobby-Jo Clow in the central Serengeti in Tanzania amidst a safari tour. His photos show how these prideful creatures are precariously perched on the branches of a large tree.

The whole lion pride was camped in the tree branches seeking shade and safety from ground flies.

The safari guide spotted the view first, which made it possible for Bobby-jo to get these photos. The team was lucky enough to get close to lions and to see and capture the uncomfortable moments they made when moving and repositioning them. It was an incredible sight to behold.

Above 15 feet up ground and this particular lion still couldn’t get rid of the pesky flies. It had flies flying around its head and did not look happy about the situation at all.

The recent rains caused insects to reside in the long grass, making the lions escape the ground to climb in a tree.

The tree was like a home to the lions. They seem to know the best spots to lie on comfortably, and the winners were soundly asleep in their locations.

Despite being the head of pride, this lion did not get a chance to join the women or children. He was chased away by the pride to suffer the worst nightmare, the unbeatable ground flies.

H/T : Kingdomstv.com

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