In the animal world, dogs and cats behave like mortal enemies. We cannot keep them together in one place unless we want to see a big fight. That is what we believed, but it is now all in the past. We found proof to convince you that this is a widespread misunderstanding.

Nothing is permanent in the world. But, sometimes, enemies do become friends. Meet Watson and Kiko, two golden retrievers, and Harry, the cat who proves this fact. They are three best friends who will show you that no matter who you are, you can be together as long as there’s friendship. They do not know that their ancestors have a long history as enemies. They are friends and playmates with a shared passion for napping!

Their owner, 23-year-old Jennifer from Washington, is a great fan of this trio. She often catches heartwarming moments of the three best friends so we all can enjoy this incredible bond.

The absolute favorite thing they want to do is napping. Jennifer has a collection of photos of them sleeping in different positions, and they are so adorable.

The friends get along with each other very well. They bathe together, play together, and even watch movies together. You can often see them strolling in the evening simply enjoying nature. In each moment, the love they show is so pure it reaches us even through the pictures.

You can follow Watson, Kiko, and Harry’s napping adventures on their Instagram. Go and see more cute pictures of these friends.

Follow Watson, Kiko, and Harry’s adventures in napping over on their Instagram.

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