Fred is a 10-year-old adorable Labrador who guards the Mountfitchet Castle in Essex.
Fred’s owners are Jo and Jeremy Goldsmith, and he lives with several other rescued animals that have experienced unfortunate incidents in their lives.

One fine day, nine cute little ducklings were wandering around the Mountfitchet Castle garden, and they seemed to have lost their mother. The minute Fred saw these lost cuties, he decided to be their guardian angel.

Fred acted as if it was his sole duty to be a parent to them and quickly laid around them to keep them warm.

Soon he became the mother to all nine of them and never neglected a single duty of a real duck mom. He would stay with them all day and night and even would take them for a swim around the castle moat every day.

Cute little ducklings soon accepted that Fred was their mother and would follow him everywhere he goes, in a line. They even sleep together with Fred in the same basket.

Nobody can deny the cuteness of them being together. They look like a real family, and their bond is amazing. They are really happy together.

His owner Jeramy Goldsmith says that Fred has taken his role like a duck to water. Jeramy admires Fred’s wonderful nature and says that he absolutely loves him.

Jeremy Goldsmith, Fred’s owner, further states that Fred never ducked out of his duck mom duties, and even the ducklings soon accepted their odd-looking mom and cuddled with him all over.

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