Photography is a popular hobby. Once you get hooked on it, it is impossible to get out. Unlike most people, you do not need special skills or equipment to start it. We heard about a woman who took photos using a smartphone and even managed to win awards. 

Let us check out the inside story of this news.

She is Analiza Daran De Guzman from the Philippines. She spent hours photographing using her Samsung Galaxy Note 8. And, the photos taken were just like professional photographs. One of her photographs got first place in the #Water2020 contest. It was run by the photo app ‘Agora’ in April, with water as its theme. 

Analiza chose ants as her photography subject for the competition. These efficient and tiny creatures who roam around doing their work are some of the strangest creatures on the planet. Except for Antarctica, ants live in all parts of the world. These colonized animals are highly social. There are a lot of things we can learn from these tiny creatures. Since ants do not hold much attention, Analiza’s choice had a significant impact on her winning. The spectacular photos produced by her proves how much attention she paid to capture these amazing creatures. 

She tied up a piece of string in her garden and spent hours taking photos of ants walking along the sting carrying drops of water. The result was fantastic. With spheres of different sizes of water droplets, the ants kept their balance perfectly when passing through the rope. Analiza took many photos of ants posing in different angles while engaged in their work. Out of those, ‘Thirsty Ants’ is the photograph she sent to the competition. She took it under the mango tree in her garden. From the moment the competition launched on February 28th, thousands of photographers participated in the contest. Both amateur and professionals sent many unique and fantastic photos. After five voting rounds, Analiza’s picture got the highest votes.

With just her phone and a clip-on microlens, Analiza won the competition. As her professional camera needed repair, she had to work with the equipment on hand.  She states that it was hard to capture pictures from the phone as the ants moved fast. As a solution, she gave water to ants because they stop moving to drink water. And, her creativity and the way she looks at the world led her to victory in the end.

Let us take a look at her photos.










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