I hope it’s true if I say that dogs are the man’s first choice in petting. Am I right? Like you, I also had a lifelong passion for petting a dog since my childhood, and yes, especially the Siberian husky, the wolfish dog.

It is no wonder that anyone can fall in love with his super friendly personality with the sharp blue eyes and upright ears. Would you believe that they are frequently captured by various film producers, artists, and writers due to their eye-catching appearances and surprising talents? Yes, indeed it’s true.’ So, it is entirely natural for you to feel like adding one of these lovely huskies to your family, too, because I also had the same feeling.

However, though you got attracted to these sweet, cuddle bugs for their beauty, you should learn more about their temperaments before being a husky parent. Otherwise, you are finding other shelters for him or losing him are inevitable things to happen in the future. But if you look into this entire breed without any doubts, huskies are a super fantastic breed for you to pet.

So, let’s have a look at how this incredible breed was originated?

The research evidence showed me that they are a fantastic dog breed with a fascinating history. Huskies are classic Northern dogs that were originated in Siberia and were bred for the aid of Chukchi people for their hunting purposes. Therefore they are well known as working dogs but not known for showing aggressive types of behaviors.

In general, a male Siberian husky will grow up to a height of 21-23.5 inches, while a female husky grows up to 20-22 inches. The average weight of a male is 45-60 pounds, and a female is around 35-50 pounds in weight. When talking about the life span of a Siberian husky they will live up to 12-15 years.

As a person attracted to the pride of husky, it’s not surprising that you are eagerly waiting to be a parent of this lovely breed. Well, I’m sure the facts below will be very supportive for you before adding a husky to your family.


The major characteristic which I attracted is that the huskies are very affectionate towards the family members. Nevertheless, they love kids and as well as treat the strangers of the house well. Further, if you have multiple dogs at home, huskies get very friendly with all other dogs too. So, you can have any different kind of dog too with the husky to live with your family. Such luck, isn’t it?

A major quality of huskies is that they do not tolerate being alone. They enjoy the company of humans. If they were kept alone for few days, a howling concert for your neighbors is definite.

Trainability and adaptability

The level of intelligence of a husky is a well-known fact to you for sure. Indeed he is an intelligent dog but somewhat independent. However, huskies are a very stubborn and difficult breed to train as they have a staggering ability to learn new things.

Therefore, if you wish to own a husky you should be a strong master to your dog. If you were timid you would have to face many obstacles when training your pet. And in any case, if you had to put him under someone else’s shelter by getting tired of him, you should know that they are not good at adapting to their novice partner. So, think twice before deciding to be a husky parent.

Usually, Siberian huskies love being in cold weather than in warm or hot environments. Therefore, depending on the climate they live in, the amount of shedding also varies.


Siberian huskies generally have good health with moderate body size. As they are a breed that is naturally adapted to cold climates, the amount of shedding in warm climates is higher than in cold climates. Sometimes you might have seen them digging the garden for coldness.

They usually are shedding during the spring and in fall. In other words, they are shedding twice a year. During these times, they will lose a large amount of hair at once.

However, if you do the grooming at least once a week, you can reduce the amount of shedding. But remember, as they have a super-dense coat (which makes them tolerate cold temperatures), you may find the grooming will not be that easier.


Huskies are generally popular for their amazing skill of endurance. But have you ever thought that they are super fast runners? Yes, of course, they can run at high speed of around 31Km/h.
I think I’m not wrong if I call them athletic dogs with a graceful wolf-like appearance. Regardless of his appearance, he is a highly sensitive animal on earth.

Huskies are naturally bred to run with high amounts of energy. And never forget that he will be a great jogging buddy to you. Nevertheless, you can join him with you while you walk, swim, play or run. Remember, they will definitely need regular exercise. Otherwise, he might get ill so soon. So, it is your duty to build up the mileage of your husky slowly.

In conclusion

Huskies are a very lovely, friendly, sensitive, and loyal, and cuddle buddy for you to have as your dearest pet. Along with their sweetness, it is needless to say that they are quite destructive dogs inside and out.
Therefore, make sure to look into their temperaments before you own a husky. Moreover, they are well-known artists for escaping too. So be careful when petting a husky.

Indeed they love their master, but sometimes their love to run might overwhelm their love towards their master. So, if you are confident enough to be a husky parent, he is an amazing breed to have.

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