Most of the time, a child’s only friend in the toddler days is the family pet. They practically grow up with the house pet playing, hanging out, and doing everything together.

But, out of all the household pets, dogs have a special place among humans. They are loyal, caring, and playful, which makes them excellent playmates and companions.
So, a bond between a child and a dog is special. When the child wants a playmate, a dog is the best one you could find. If the child faces any danger, the dog will try to protect him with all his might. A dog will be there for his companion at every moment.

Let’s hear a story about a loyal dog and a small girl.

Harry, a golden retriever, is this girl’s best friend. She grew up with the puppy, and eventually, they grew an unbreakable bond.

One day an incident happened which made the girl’s mother, Ms. Sun, very angry.
The little girl has taken possession of her mother’s new face cream to use as a toy. Ms. Sun was upset and shouted at her girl aggressively, which started the child’s continuous crying.

Seeing her friend in a very sad mood, Harry got in between the mother and child, attempting to shield the girl from her mother’s harsh scolding.

You can see Harry fiercely standing in front of the girl in these pictures. He kept snarling at Ms. Sun to make her leave the child alone. It showed how much the dog values her, and the sight was enough to make the mother lose her anger towards her child.

After saving the child from the mother, it was cuddle time. Harry wrapped the toddler around his arms and tried to comfort her as best as he could.
Ms. Sun, aged 32, spoke to MailOnline about this incident. She said that how Harry tried to save the girl and comfort her was both funny and heart-warming. And it made her forget the anger and filled her with warm and happy thoughts.

That is not the first time Harry behaved like this. Whenever someone scolds or speaks to the little girl harshly, Harry would shield her with his paws and protect her fiercely.

This incident proves that dogs are very empathetic animals. If you love them, they will love you back, and they will protect you with their lives.
Watch the following video of Harry protecting his toddler, and we are sure you will agree with everything that we said.

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