In the present context, beauty has exceeded the usual standards, and many people have become subject to these paradigms adversely. However, few remarkable women challenged these beauty standards and proved that beauty does not mean a flawless or shaped body. Sometimes you have to be bold to prove that you are different.

Let us move to check who these beauties are!

1. Casey Legler:

You will be surprised once you know about her! She uniquely started her career. She is a male model with 188cm of height. She is more attractive and glamorous despite her challenges.

2. Lolita:

You might have already known her because of her nickname as Black Hannah Montana. She is a gorgeous black beauty that will take your breath away.

3. Moffy:

She will be familiar to you as Kate Moss. She becomes ideal and stands out thanks to her squint.

4. Diandra Forrest:

She is a unique combination of Africa and America with albinism. Despite that, she used her albinism as a weapon in the industry to sabotage beauty standards.

5. Viktoria Modesta:

Unfortunately, she had lost her leg. However, she makes sure not to let it disrupt her dreams

6. Erica Irwin:

This is the world’s tallest model in the fashion industry. You will be stunned by how mesmerizing she looks.

7. Masha Tyelna:

She is almost looking like a real-life fairy tale princess with larger eyes. Even though it may be harder to believe, this beauty exists in the world!

8. Carmen Dell’ Orefice:

Carmen is a model even at the age of 84. Of course, she proved that age is just a number. Well, no one said that you have to stop your journey because of your age!

9. Jamie Brewer:

Jamie Brewer is a well-known actor and, at the same time, a model. What makes her unique is she achieved all these despite having down syndrome.

10. Denise Bidot:

Denise Bidot is a model with a plus-size body. She let the world know that you do not have to be skinny to be beautiful.

You are perfect the way you are!

You can come out of the box and let the whole world see how stunning you are!

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